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Our talk to stranger chat rooms include: USA chat, UK chat, India chat (Delhi chat, mumbai chat, Bangalore chat, tamil chat & telugu chat), Canada chat, Australia chat, Philippines (Filipino) chat and yahoo chat alternative. Our stranger chat feature lets you chat with strangers in a completely free chat no registration or download environment.

Who can use this online chat?

This online chat is about allowing you to express yourself freely, but you should also be aware of the social constraints you should adhere to. Anyone interested in meeting new people and making new friends is welcome to join this chat.
You can start using right away without needing to create an account. The chatting platform has a unique concept that allows you to start a chat with total strangers on the internet who are looking to chat with other strangers using a guest account.

Y99.Chat Features: What makes us an important choice for you?

A lot of users and features

Thousands of users make up our community, and they all like chatting. You're looking for someone to chat with, and we have folks who want to chat online as well. Our role is to link you to them and them to you; the chatting part is up to you ;).

Share Images, Videos, Voice Messages and do Video and Voice calls with your friends.

We all need to speak the language of images from time to time and exchange memes with our friends. Images contribute to the lively nature of our chats, and we help you in sharing pictures with your friends. Voice messages can help you put forward your point more effectively in a group chat, but don't utilise them for the majority of your chats.
To give your hands a break, video call your new friends, overlook your shyness a little, and try voice calling with your buddies whenever you get the chance.
Despite the fact that features make talks more enjoyable, we should never aim to be harsh to our community members. Showing your best side all the time is a fantastic technique to make new friends.

Mobile-friendly chat platform

To cope with the movement of users from larger to smaller devices, a website platform must be responsive. We are well aware of this, and our platform runs well on all of your devices. Smaller devices tend to attract our attention because they are more portable, making it easier for a user to use the item for the majority of the time. You may use y99 on your favourite mobile device with mobile chat rooms.
Either it be android phone, iphone or a tablet you will be able to use the chat rooms on all of your favorite platforms. We're using Y99's responsive chat software to host & manage our rooms.

Random, Anonymous Chatting

Not everyone wants to be more open. If you're too afraid to expose your true identify, consider our anonymous random chat platform. Random chat on Y99 allows you to chat with users anonymously without having to reveal your original login.
You can interact with thousands of users without disclosing your name, ask for advice, and add them to your friend list if things go well.

Chat rooms for friends, book lovers, students, dating, strangers, depression and lonely people

Chat rooms for friends

Do you want to make some friends or create a chat room where you and your friends may talk? It's simple to get started with; simply choose a username and enter the chat room, then create a room.
You can use your room's invite link to invite other users from other social networking websites once you've created a room.

Chat rooms for book lovers

Discussions are endless, so if you want to discuss about your favourite books, go ahead and find someone who shares your interests. Who knows, maybe you'll discover a new interesting book to read.

Chat rooms for dating

As I previously stated, there is no limit to dialogues, and some of them can lead to significant connections. Chat rooms are all about sharing knowledge, thoughts, and opinions, and if you're lucky, you'll meet someone who values your opinion enough to become your buddy.

Chat rooms for strangers

If you only want to exchange a few messages, there are other strangers who want to do the same, and you might be able to help each other out. Let's talk, but don't forget to be respectful.

Chat rooms for depression

Often, all we require in life is someone to provide us with sensible advice in attempt to face our difficulties. We have a small group of people that share their concerns with one another and try to assist one another with words, information, and ideas. Do you wish to be a part of it?

Chat rooms for lonely people

Even when there are a lot of people around us, we can feel lonely. Talking/chatting is an excellent technique to break free from the lonely darkness that is engulfing you. Use your free time to talk about your difficulties; talks can help in most situations, but the final decision should be yours.

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