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What is a stranger chat?

For those who do not know and are new to stranger chats, for years, there have been online stranger websites that help people with internet talk to strangers online from other parts of the world. The basic setup allows two or more people that likely do not know about each other talk in a virtual chat that is live unlike the comments on regular blogs.

This setup is mostly for temporary discussions but websites have now transformed over time to facilitate features like friend list, which is a talk for later. One of the most important questions that involve stranger chat is if female users use stanger chat, the answer is yes they do but not as much as males. Our survey tells us that the proportion of male users on a stranger chat website is much higher than female users. The reasons to this could be several but one of the most known reasons is that the amount of females using internet to talk with strangers is low. On the other hand, the amount of effort it takes females to make a friend of opposite sex is considerably low compared to how much of an effort a male user has to make.

These anomalies aside, stranger chat websites are still best for anyone broed enough to exchange a few words online.